About us.

We are brand builders partnering with product makers and service shapers.

We partner with companies and individuals who deliver great products or services. Together we create, run and grow industry leading brands that dominate the online world through high-converting websites, targeted advertising, SEO and other channels.

What we do.

1. startup studio: Let's Launch a Brand Together.

We partner with you to create a thriving online brand. We invest in building the brand, you provide the service or products, together we claim the prize.

how it works:
 we prepare the business strategy and build the brand
2) we start sending clients your way and focus on growth
3) wou focus on doing what you do best – serving clients
4) wou pay us only a % of the business we bring to you

2. consultancy: strategy, website, UX, SEO, ads.

You already have your online presence, we’ll just make sure that it brings you more business. You keep your existing brand and we help you sell and scale.

how it works:
 we audit your business and explain how we can help
2) we get more eyeballs on your brand – more $$$ for you
3) we add new tricks every month, so your business keeps growing
4) you pay us a fixed monthly fee to say thank you

Case study.


Slovenia Activities screenshot
Slovenia Activities first spot on Google - SEO case study
Slovenia Activities SEO progress case study
  • 2 months to launch a website with 80+ subpages with unique high-quality content
  • 1 month to rank it in top 3 positions on Google for the most important keyword with high competition
  • 3 weeks to get the first customer in a highly competitive niche – organically without paid ads
  • 2 weeks to start a Google AdWords campaign with 220+ keywords, 35+ campaigns and 70+ unique ads

our brands & customers.

Our evergrowing #humblebrag.


Mad scientists & entrepreneurs who build brands.

We come from the world of business, not schools and agencies. Our mindset is all about winning in the market and staying at the top long-term.

Matic Jesenovec - Brand Builder Labs
Partner / tech & marketing

matic jesenovec

Startup guy, tech product builder, digital marketer and world traveller.

Partner / strategy & bizdev

jani pravdič

Serial brand builder who builds businesses online and manages all the most important activities.

Jani Pravdic - Brand Builder Labs

What's the next step.

1) tell us a few words about yourself and your business
2) we will do market research  – usually in few days
3) if we see the potential, let’s jump on a call to see how we can work together